The championship of the academy of weight sports

April 25, 2019 the championship of the weightlifting academy took place in the sports hall of UIPA. Students of all faculties participated in the competitions. The sportsmen competed in a light weight up to 73 kg. , and in a heavy weight over 73 kg. In the team championship won the faculty EETiAEP. The second place was taken by the faculty of KITVO.Trety became the faculty of EuOT.In the personal championship in light weight the winner was Sidorenko Maxim gr.DEA-T16. The second place was taken by Serjodkin Andriy gr .ДЕУ-ПТБ18. The third place took Lyapun Vyacheslav gr. DEA-A18mg. In the heavyweight in the personal championship the winner became Perepelitsa Bogdan gr. DEA-POM15. The second place was taken by Mitryukhin Ilia gr. DEA-T15. The third place has Gulevsky Andriy gr. DMP-PM15.

Table tennis competition among men

15.05 there will be a competition for table tennis among men. Beginning at 12:00 in the gym UIPA, the team – 3 people.

Table tennis competition among women

16.05 there will be a competition for table tennis among women. Beginning at 12:00 in the sports hall of the UIРA team of the team – 3 women.


May 18, Kharkiv will host competitions “Heroes Games”

"Games of Heroes" will be held for the third time in Kharkiv. Up to 20 ATO veterans from different cities of Ukraine, whose traumatic injuries have led to disability, come to Kharkov for a friendly meeting with their siblings to demonstrate their invincible spirit.

The participants of the competition strive for their personal example to show everyone that you can live a full life and with a disability, as well as to demonstrate to all spectators the possibility of willpower.

For veterans this thing will be joined by boarding school students for children with disabilities who will dance, sing, perform acrobatic sketches.

Kharkiv Open Championship of weight sport.

05/18/2019 Kharkiv National University of Air Forces Star Kharkiv National Sports University hosted a regular Kharkiv Open Championship in weight sport. The students of our academy took part in these competitions. In the weight category 63 kg. Maxim Sidorenko gr. DEA T16 took 2nd place. In weight category 73 kg.Serodikin Andriy gr. DEU PTB18 has taken 3 place. In weight category 78 kg.Goponko Mikhail gr. DKI POPR18pr. took the 5th place. In the weight category 95 kg. Mitryukhin Ilya DEA T15 won 2nd place, and the winner in this weight category became Perepelitsa Bogdan gr. DEA POOM15. Among women in the weight category 58 kg. Lysogoraya Kristina gr. DEA POO18 took 4th place. Sportsmen prepared the competition for art. lecturer Derevenets S.M.